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  • Welcome to Snoworks, Inc.

    My name is Charles Benigni and I am the Owner/operator of Snoworks, Inc. We are a full-service, residential only, snowplowing company. Snoworks is a family run business that owns all of the vehicles and equipment, we use to plow with. For the past 20 years Snoworks has been providing, affordable, reliable and hassle free residential snowplowing services to residents of Glenview, Northbrook, Northfield and Hawthorn Woods. During that time, we have learned how to maximize our plowing operations while maintaining, consistent, reliable results for our customers. Snoworks is a 24/7 snowplowing operation from November to April. All of our plowing trucks have front and rear mounted plows to accommodate even the most difficult of driveway configurations. We also use U-edges (urethane) plow edges on all our plows, so we can plow any driveway surface (i.e. brick pavers, stone, concrete stamped, etc.). All of our trucks are equipped with GPS location devices, as well as two way radios to improve plowing response times. Snoworks daily goal is to consistently exceed our customers expectations.


    Snoworks fleet of equipment has grown since last season. We have purchased a new 2012 Jeep Wrangler to bring our current plow truck total to four (4). Additionally, we have purchased a new Kubota agricultural tractor (AG) with an inverted blower to incorporate it into our plowing operations. For additional information on the AG tractor set-up go to the AG tractor/blower service page.


    If you are in the market for a residential winter service provider, please give us a call.

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