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Glenview Snowblower Tractor

Snoworks is excited to introduce our newest piece of snowfighting equipment to our arsenal; it’s an Kubota agricultural tractor(AG) that incorporates a inverted snowblower on the rear of the machine.

This piece of equipment is set-up to service any type of residential driveway configuration, with clean consistent results.

Advantages of the Snoworks AG Tractor Blower Service

  1. There are no windrows and or large piles of plowed snow to contend with.  This is particularly important when there is a heavy snow year.
  2. This piece of equipment is safer to operate that a standard plow truck.  Visibility is improved by over 50%, front and back.
  3. The blower cleans/scrapes the driveway better than most plows (more likely better than any plow, regardless of the cutting edge used.).
  4. The blower has a ‘U’ edge on the bottom of the blower, just like all of our front and rear plows, to help reduced damage and or wear to all driveway surfaces.
  5. This piece of equipment simulates how the average home owner cleans up their driveway, by using a snowblower.  Leaving less snow trails, virtually no large “stacked” piles and clean unobstructed driveway aprons to enter and exit from!

The utilization of agricultural tractors with blowers for residential services in not new, but is commonly seen in heavier snow belt areas. This set-up outperforms any truck/plow combination in the residential marketplace for efficiency, safety, clearing and or stacking, regardless of the snowfall amount, which is why we have chosen to implement this equipment in our operations. Ultimately, it translates to better service for our customers, so the choice was easy to make.

This is the future of residential snowplowing in our marketplace and Snoworks is the first snowplowing company to offer this service in all of Chicagoland and or the surrounding suburbs!  Our goal over the next few years will be to phase out our plow trucks with AG tractors, based on client growth and route density.

Listed below is the AG tractor service area for 2013/2014.

The service area for the AG tractor route is located in Glenview. The area encompasses homes from 294 east to the railroad tracks bordering the west end of the Glen and from Willow Road south to Lake Street. If needed we will add AG tractors, based on growth and route density!

If you would like to get more information regarding AG tractor/blower service, please feel free to email me and or call.