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Welcome to Storm Tracker. Please login below with the the username and password provided to you with your signed contract. We have 4 plow trucks and 1 agricultural tractor in our fleet. Your signed contract will also contain information about which truck/equipment is assigned to your route. Below, you will also find the time that we commence plowing and the estimated finish time for each truck in our fleet. For a history of the current seasons plow service dates, please visit our Plow History page.


Nextraq log in and navigation instructions:


1.) Enter username and password.

2.) You can find your address by going to find address, clicking on it, then type in your address. Click find and your address and location will show up on the screen.

3.) To find fleet, click on find fleet. Hit the find button under snoworks1. A pop-up will appear, then click on the actions tab. In the actions tab, click today’s activity. If the vehicle has traveled anywhere that day the route will be shown. If there is no activity, click the ok button. Previous date/year example: Look for the select date button on the bottom right hand corner of your screen. Type in the date, and click play.

4.) Each truck route has a separate user name and password. Up to five people can use the system at a time, for each plow route!